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This project is theme of my first article, publishet in issue #158 of magazine CicuitCellar www.circuitcellar.com

In my first article I give detailed description of this development, include theory and instruction for building your own.

That is my first development with microcontroller.

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9 band spectral analyzer for audio frequency with ATMEL's controler AT90S2313, working at 16MHz, sample rate at 32 KHz, 9 recursive filters + 1 decimation filter, clock, using PWM pin out for auto level control with external transistor. Sound go trough microphone, amplifier and go in controller for further processing.

The source code, PCB and partlist can be found here 9bandSpAn.zip .

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9 band spectral analyzer 9bandSpAn.zip

Notepad++ TopLip language definition files nppTopLip.zip

About Me:
I earned Master's degree in communications engeneering from the
Technical University of Varna, Bulgaria. My diplom project was "Creation of Synthetic Aperture Radar(SAR)" (Creation of Software to be more specific) based on AMD's 16-bit controller AM186, working at 33MHz. This controller is used only for SAR image (any symbols,digits,circle's and line's), other hardware on the same PCB procesing Radar image. These two images are mixed in VRAM.
Curently I work in HYDRAULIC ELEMENTS & SYSTEMS in city I was born - Yambol, as a Mechanical CAD/CAM Designer. I have interests in building tools/plugins/postprocessors for CAD and CAM software that I use (Kompas and TopSolid) in my favorite languages - C#, Python and VB.
If you have any questions, contact me by e-mail:koev_v@yahoo.com